Friday, December 22, 2017

January is National Family Fit Lifestyle Month

Healthy habits, exercising and just getting in fit is on everyone’s mind as the new year approaches.
One of the best ways to welcome 2018 is to create healthy lifestyle habits together with your family or friends. And as luck would have it – January is National Family Fit Lifestyle Month.

So it is time to get off the couch – off the electronics and spend at least 60 minutes a day being physically active.  We are all very busy but that does not mean we cannot also be healthy.

There are many ways to be healthy as an individual and as a family. One of the simplest ways is to go for a walk with your family or playing with your kids – just get up and start moving. Winter is also tv time – who does not love to cuddle in front of the television especially with a fire in the fireplace. You can break up tv time during the commercial breaks and make these commercial breaks into one minute activities. But what about Netflix – there are no commercials on Netflix – your active time could be between episodes. Jump jacks, dancing, sit ups, stretching, and push ups are just a few ideas for your active time. Dancing put everyone in a good mood and burns a ton of calories. So put on the music and start grooving.

Snow is also a great resource for fitness and what is more fun than snow ? Snow angels, building snowmen or an igloo, having a snowball fight or even shoveling the driveway – these are all fantastic fitness activities. And then treat yourself to some yummy and well deserved hot chocolate – perhaps skipping the whip cream.

#GOALS – everyone has them – why not set some family goals. Whether it be sitting down and eating a family meal together at least twice a week, walking over 100,000 steps  together a week or starting a family game night. The key is getting together for healthy, fit and fun activities.

Family Fit Lifestyle Month is also a great time to work together as a family to plan healthy and delicious meals. You always want to plan your meals for the week and why not have the children cook (or depending on age) choose the meal one night a week. Always make a list prior to shopping and remember to never grocery shop on an empty stomach. You will save time and money.

I hope have a wonderful January and 2018. Have fun with your family taking part in the Family Fit Lifestyle Month – I know we will. Keep staying active and those resolutions about being active :)

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful holiday season - Darcy