Thursday, May 30, 2013

Social Media Frontiers: Pinterest App Update Adds Notifications And Mentio...

Thank you Will for a great update on the Pinterest App...

Social Media Frontiers: Pinterest App Update Adds Notifications And Mentio...: Pinterest has updated its mobile app services for Android and iOS devices. Pinterest for Android version 1.5 and Pinterest for iOS ...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Five Fabulous Tips to make your Facebook Page Fabulous

We all have a love/hate relationship with Facebook - we love being on it - hate the time it steals from us and the constant changes. But if you are a business owner there are 1.1 billion reasons (current statistic of the number of people on Facebook) you should have a Facebook business page. So here are five tips to make your Facebook business page fabulous.  

1.     Make sure you claim your vanity URL. Once you get 30 likes – you can claim your username. Simply go to - Edit page – Edit settings –Basic information – Username. Ideally, your company name is your username. However, you may have to play around with your username if the one you want is taken. Take your time when choosing an username - usernames are not transferable and you can only change your username once. Customizing your Facebook username to your Company name will make it easier for people to find your business, brand or organization on Facebook.
**This rule applies to all your social media sites – you should secure your company’s name on as many sites as you can. Do you have to be active on all those sites? Absolutely not, it will take time to figure out which social media platforms work for you. But it is a good idea to secure your company name before someone else does..
2.     Utilize the App bar on your Facebook timeline - these apps are just to the right of the About section.. You want your Facebook page to be the one stop place for your company’s social presence. Add as many apps that you use to your page - YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest apps to name a few. You can use various services to help you with these apps. Woobox is one of my favorites – extremely easy and offers a bunch of free services. You should link your social sites as much as you can so anyone visiting one site can very easily find your other social sites. You can also move the apps around so make sure the first few are important apps – not the number of likes your page has – that is already very visible on your page – so move the like box to the second row which is not visible unless you click on the little arrow.
3.     The About section is a very important section on your Facebook page. You are not allowed to have your website url in your cover photo and they just tightened those restrictions. But you can have it in the visible part of the About section. Simply put in this section. And use all the characters you are allowed in the About section. As of this posting there are 155 characters visible in the About section. This is prime real estate – tell as much as you can about your company in these 155 characters.
4.     Do not leave any section of the description or other information blank. Fill in all information – it is that simple.
5.     Photos – make sure your profile picture and cover photos are crisp, clean and appealing. People love pictures so you may also want to change them up every once in a while. And your social media profile pictures should be consistent throughout your social media sites. The photo requirements are pretty similar for profile pictures and cover pictures on the social media sites. If the requirements change (like Google + cover pictures’ just did) make sure you change the pictures to meet these requirements. You do not want a fuzzy or distorted picture because your picture is the wrong size.

I hope this blog is helpful to you for your Facebook page and makes it easy for you to make your page as fabulous as possible. Remember to have fun with Facebook and all your social media sites - social media is just that --FUN !