Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Booty Camp

So spring is around the corner – I think – 6 more inches of snow last night – WOW. I have started attending a booty camp to get ready for short and ugh – bathing suit weather. I want to stop dreading the bathing suit and I want to stop dreading blogging.

I am not sure why I do not just sit down and write – anyone who knows me knows that I could talk a dog off a meat truck. But put it on paper and I just procrastinate all day long and night and week and… So I am imposing my very own blogging booty camp – between me, myself and I.

I will be blogging useful social media tips, social media changes and updates and fun social media tools. Remember social media is social and social is FUN !! 

One of the most important thing about social media is obviously content - what you say matters and you want people to engage with you and listen to you. A huge segment of content is the visual aspect of social media - pictures are so important in social media - they are truly what draws people in. So let's talk about how to make your pictures fabulous !! A very easy, fun and free tool is Picmonkey. Now Picmonkey does have two kinds of accounts - free and paid which they call Royale. Royale is 2.75 a month if you pay the annual fee of 33.00 upfront. You get a nice variety of fonts, frames and special effects with the free account. There are also a number of other options when creating and editing your images with the free account. You can crop and re size your image and also add text to it. The Royale account obviously had a larger variety of options within all these features. Ever wonder where all these fabulous pictures and graphics come with a Company name - website on them --- now you know. Picmonkey is only one photo editing tool - there are a number out there but it is my favorite and so easy to use I wanted to share it with you. 

I hope you are having a wonderful Spring and while we are on the subject of photos - I will be blogging about Instagram next. Talk about fun - Instagram is a fantastic way to share photos in a fun and fast way. Next blog we will learn how to use it with our small business...